About Us

Simbisa is a solution that provides an easy, accessible, innovative way to learn a new skill. Whether it pertains to Academics, Music, Computer Skills (such as Coding and Photoshop), Languages, Health and Fitness Classes and/ or Financial Savvy, we aim to bring the cutting edge to learning by providing the platform for the transfer of skills.
Our vision is embedded in our company culture. The name Simbisa, roughly translated from Shona to English means to empower and this is exactly what we as a company have set out to do. By creating a meeting space for willing learners and teachers, both parties emerge from the interaction empowered, be it through the skills transfer or the resource transfer that happens as a result thereof. Experts can now effortlessly share their expertise with those wanting access to their knowledge, and together we can “simbisa” society by moving forward together.
On a lighter note, as students we are also well aware of the need for access to relevant information and a helping hand the night before a big test. It is too late at night to travel to your tutor (or visa versa) and instead you have to scramble for a video that hopefully teaches you the past 4 weeks worth of content and makes everything click.
The internet has made the transfer of information simple and easy, allowing us to seamlessly interact across time zones and continents.
So use Simbisa in South Africa to book your learning experience with your tutor from New York, at your 10pm it is only their 4pm and the night is still young and full of many possibilities – like learning the curriculum in one night ; )
Whether it is intense learning the night before, or picking up/ enhancing a new skill from the comfort of your home without the hassle of travel, pick up and drop off – parents ; ) – and other things, let Simbisa hold your hand and be your guide towards the cutting edge of learning.
Let society be “simbisa-ed” as we all learn, teach and earn.