These are the values of the company and we encourage tutors and students to use these as a guide as to how to conduct themselves in this community:

1. Exceptional consumer experience.
2. Social sustainability. (Empowerment/ Simbisa)
3. Embrace technology and innovation.
4. Professionalism.
5. Happiness and wellbeing.
“We hope that all stakeholders are better off now having access to the skills and information necessary to propel themselves into being their best self and furthermore being able to implement their dreams in reality, thereby achieving their telos and ensuring happiness and wellbeing.”
Mission Statement
The mission of Simbisa Learn (Pty) LTD, its founders, directors, community members and other stakeholders, is to provide a platform for the transfer of skills, and in doing so thereby enriching and empowering all parties involved and Simbisa-ing society one interaction at a time. 
We intend to disrupt  the industry by democratising, innovating, socialising and centralising the online learning experience by introducing a 0% commission model along with cutting-edge technology. 
We believe that this will improve accessibility to education and consequently renovate the current outlook on the student/ tutor relationship by expanding it from a purely academic approach to one that encompasses a broader range of skills transfers, thereby bringing the cutting-edge to the learning experience.
Join us below and Simbisa society.

*Please Note:
Vendor = Tutor
Customer = Student



PLEASE NOTE: Once you fill in the registration form, you can proceed to the inbox of the registered email where you will find an email form us welcoming you.

It will mention, “Once your application has been approved you will be notified.” Please allow us up to 3 business days to confirm your details and approve your application.

Once this is done you will be sent an email confirming your approval to the tutor community of Simbisa.

Once registered you can proceed to the “MY OFFICE” tab under “EARN” where you can manage your bookings, add products and begin the Learn. Teach. Earn. process.

Excited to have you on board!

Welcome to Simbisa Learn.